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Transitioning from Interlogix?

Retain and grow your revenue as you navigate the changes in the marketplace

Recently, Interlogix announced it will be shutting down its business in the United States and Canada by the end of 2019. Once stock runs out and warrantees expire, you may no longer be able to obtain replacement parts or support for your customers.

Many different factors contribute to smooth transitions, especially when approaching the decision of migrating security systems. Kantech and Illustra would like you to help make the transition easier. Our vast Distribution network stocks a broad range of access control and video solutions for all your installation needs.

Transitioning from Interlogix?

Serving small to medium-sized business, Tyco Kantech provides integrated access control technologies that are reliable, easy to install, and scalable. Its flagship solution, the EntraPass access control software and KT controllers, enable more simplified configuration and robust reporting to enhance the user experience.


Tyco Illustra cameras provide a versatile and scalable surveillance solution for deployments where advanced video intelligence, innovative recording features, and open platform integrations are required.

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